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In Princeton, West Virginia, you’ll find a strong fusion of community and government support for your business.

Princeton Economic Development Authority works with you to find the things you need to be successful in business.

West Virginia is highlighted in orange with a map pin over Princeton. NY, PA, DE, MD, VA, and NC are in dark green to represent the mid-atlantic states. Highlighted is I-77 is US Route 460.

The Hub of
the Mid-Atlantic

Princeton, WV, is conveniently located with quick access to I-77 and US Route 460. With roads going north, south, east, and west, you will be able to make a quick day trip to places like Roanoke, VA, or Charlotte, NC.

The first icon is for Interstate 77. It shows a red background at the top with "Interstate" written out, and a blue bottom with "77" written out. The right icon is for US Route 460. It is shaped like a "route" sign, and depicts 460 in the middle in black letter.

Hours To Roanoke, VA and Charleston, WV

Hours To Charlotte, NC

Hours To Washington D.C.

Hours To Atlanta, GA

Who We Are

Princeton Economic Development Authority was formed in 2021 to expand, cultivate, and support commerce within the City.

PEDA is made up of individuals within our community who help create ideas, gather funds, and support businesses, both small and large. Learn more about who we are and what we can do for your business or organization.

How We Can Help

New Business Planning

Our Director will assist you with the creation of a business plan and walk you through all the steps to open your business.

Property Assistance

Whether you’re planning to relocate, invest in a property, or are having trouble finding the right location for your business, our staff can help you find the perfect solution for your budget.

Grants & Incentives

The City of Princeton offers a variety of incentives, grants, or assistance to help you build your future within city limits.

Why Princeton?

Princeton is growing fast, and businesses like yours can be a part of it. With a growing population located in small-town America—a rare combination—opportunity knocks! Princeton Economic Development Authority is committed to increasing the diverse range of small businesses serving this community by investing in you. Experience the joy of a community that values you. Click the button below for more information about business incentives, taxes, and where to begin.
This is a bar chart that features the overall cost of living in Princeton and West Virginia based on the national average. Text includes: Overall: Princeton -27.9%, WV - 20.6%. Grocery: Princeton - 6%, WV - 4.2%. Housing: Princeton - 70%, WV - 60.7%. Utilities: Princeton - 17.5%, WV - 60.7%. Transportation: Princeton - 26.3%, WV - 9.9%.

Cost of Living Is Lower than the National Average.

This is a bar chart that shows Princeton Median Housing costs in comparison to Mercer County, West Virginia, and the United States. Median Monthly Cost of Units with Mortgage: Princeton, WV - $849, Mercer County, WV - $955, West Virginia - $1058, United States - $1621. Median Monthly Cost of Units with Mortgage: Princeton, WV - $384, Mercer County WV - $322, West Virginia - $331, United States - $509. Median Monthly Rent: Princeton, WV - $714, Mercer County, WV - $695, West Virginia - $732, United States - $1096.

Median Housing Costs Are Lower than the National Average.

This is a bar chart that compares Princeton, Mercer County, West Virginia, and United States commute times from 2010 and 2020 in minutes. Commute times in minutes, 2010: Princeton - 19.5, Mercer County - 22.5, West Virginia - 25.4, United States - 25.2. Commute times in minutes, 2020: Princeton - 19.1, Mercer County - 21.9, WV - 26.1, United States - 25.5.

Commute Times Are Shorter than the National Average.

Business Spotlight

Service Cleaners Inc.

City of Princeton Business Spotlight – Our Business Spotlight this week is Service Cleaners Inc. Service Cleaners offers a wide variety of services, including professional dry cleaning, wash and fold, wedding gown cleaning, stain removal, and alteration services. History is a major part of Service...

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