Beautification Grant

The Community Improvement Commission (CIC) was created in 2007 to enhance the appearance, cleanliness, amenities, beautification, and general welfare of the City of Princeton. Our matching grant program provides funding to owners of businesses who wish to make improvements to their existing building’s facades. A maximum of $2,000 per year will be awarded to owners or tenants of commercial property located within the incorporated city limits. Tenants must apply jointly with property owners.

Project Priorities

CIC grants are competitive, meaning that the most viable projects will be selected for grant funding. Therefore, the more documentation (photographs, renderings, sketches, estimates) you can provide about your project will increase your chances of receiving grant funding. Applications containing the following characteristics will have priority in the appropriation of CIC funding:
  • Projects including a high ratio of private to public dollars
  • Projects designed to resolve deteriorated, inappropriate, or unsightly conditions that have existed for many years (boarded windows, deteriorated electrical fixtures, unsightly storefronts, etc.)
  • Projects that will complete the improvement of a block or portion of a block (for example, the replacement of an inappropriate façade that exists on a block containing many appropriate, well-preserved, or improved facades)

Grant Payments

The Beautification Grant is awarded to recipients in the form of reimbursement payments. Please note all work must comply with the requirements above and original receipts must be provided to receive reimbursement.

Type: Grant

Current Taxes The property owner must be current on all City, County, and State property and income taxes and all other City accounts.
Project Deadline All work must be completed within six (6) months from the date the grant is awarded.
Maximum Funding Maximum grant funding given to one business cannot exceed $2,000.00 in one (1) calendar year. New applicants will be prioritized over applicants who previously received grants from the CIC.
Matched Funding Amount Grants are awarded on a dollar-to-dollar match, not to exceed $2,000.00. This awarding of the Beautification Grant is a competitive process, and the CIC prefers projects with a higher ratio of private-to-public investment.
Photographic Evidence Grant recipients must provide the CIC with photographs of aesthetic improvements before and after the completion of work. Photographs must be taken from the same vantage point. These photographs may be used by the CIC for marketing purposes.
Previously Completed Work Any relevant work completed prior to the grant application date will not be eligible for the Beautification Grant.
Documentation & Licensing All work must comply with all applicable laws, ordinances, building codes, and zoning ordinances, and the contractor or owner must secure proper permits prior to the commencement of work.
Grant Recipient Signage Once awarded grant funding, recipients must display the CIC Grant Award Signage in front of the storefront or in the window on the pedestrian side, in plain view of the public. Signage must remain in place a minimum of 60 days after the completion of the funded project.
Funding Availability Projects will be funded to the extent that budgeted funding is available.

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